Tuesday, 26 January, 2021

Movie studio US by Global Harbor Corp

Movie studio US with Global Harbor Corp? The office and storage buildings are to be equipped with a 1000 square meter data center. A professional and dedicated team will be responsible for managing administration and ensuring that every aspect of data collection is accurately recorded, stored, and processed.

A business professional out of the Universitie of Umea and the University of Gävle, Sweden, Magnus is a corporate business unit and operational strategy expert with 20 years of experience across organizational functions with SCRUM (CSM), E-PROPS, C-PROPS, PRICE 2, TOGAF 9 Foundation and ITIL Foundation certifications. His experience spans a wide range of industries / business sectors which include Information Technology and Telecommunication, Software Development, Retail, Financial, Public Sector and the Entertainment industry. He has successfully delivered complex projects in 57 countries and on six continents. He routinely manages budgets in excess of 3 Billion dollars.

Our position at the heart of the industry in Los Angeles allows us to facilitate deal making, pitching and selling material to the world’s biggest studios and networks, using our Agency, Management, Guild and legal support to package, attach cast, secure talent and represent projects in negotiation with streaming platforms. We bring these elements to the Global Harbor family of companies. Find extra information on Film and TV productions US.

?Europe Studios will fund European production with the goal of supporting and growing creative talent in the industry. It will create a venture in which commercial and the large-scale film is produced in Europe with tax incentives coming back to Europe. Through such strategies, every aspect of a high-end production will receive the funding and the expertise needed to produce content that can be distributed internationally, via streaming platforms and penetrate the largest market, the United States.

?The FAAS Approach: From pre-production, production, and post-production to concept development, distribution, and financial investment, the Global Harbor Corp. proudly presents a powerful and innovative platform for international media advancement. With establishments and production services from Los Angeles to Trinidad and Tobago, the aim is to innovate, empower, and to ensure that strategic incentives and financial investment offer opportunity and rewards for all. This enables Global Harbor Corp and its subsidiaries to act as a business platform and to be agreesive on the expansions of products per year. Find even more details on https://www.globalharborcorp.com/.