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Tim Trilioni or the growth of a young musician

Tim Trilioni and the rise of an artist? Tim Trilioni is Soul music’s new prince of the song. When asked how he stays so active he stated “by staying even more active. I have to get some heavy cardio in before the start of each day.” From what we can see, Tim Trilioni is active and ready for any challenge. This talented icon is a consultant to fashion brands around the world. He consults with fashion outlets to keep their gear fresh, sporty and contemporary. Just like Tim Trilioni’s music– his fashion sense is just as diverse as the music he makes. This pop culture guru has his hand in every aspect of the industry.

New Orleans entrepreneur and singer-songwriter, Tim Trilioni is exactly what music fans mean when they describe an artist as, a ‘breath of fresh’, or use the words ‘unique’ and ‘eclectic’. Tim is an unusual hybrid in today’s ever evolving music scene – one moment he sounds like a spoken word poet, the next his spitting eloquent verses, and then crooning soulful choruses into the microphone. Not to speak about his sound which is all-embracing, and draws flavors from R&B, Soul, Pop, Hip-hop, and even contemporary classical composition. His songs are well-produced and engineered – everything from the instrumentals, vocals, and the impacting sonic atmospheres are mastered properly and flow nicely.

The accomplished musician, singer as well as writer Tim Trilioni is a sensational artist who has dished out phenomenal tracks in Soul, R&B, and hip hop tunes. One such incredible number is ‘Scenario‘ that has been belted out by the breakout artist. He is an active member of the community and has garnered immense popularity with various other projects like mental health clinics online. He is all set to come up with his online journals from two of his publications online to serve people facing mental health problems. Listen Tim Trilioni – By My Side on Tim Trilioni – Male Singers.

Tim Trilioni is a New Orleans native, singer-songwriter and business mogul. His savvy lyrics and catchy style has caught the attention of artists and fashion elites around the world. He is known for his fashion contributions to pop-culture and musical contributions to artists, entertainment venues and movie soundtracks. Tim Trilioni’s sure is tops and he comprehends what he needs. We are altogether holding on to perceive what’s next for Mr. Tim Trilioni. We are calmly foreseeing new music and stunning garments in the forthcoming months.

How long have you been singing and writing? I’ve practically been singing all my life. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy raping and vocalizing to anything with a decent melody to it. Be spellbound by the dark rich and soulful sounds of artist Tim Trilioni. He brings a powerful but subtle edge to today’s music scene blending contemporary R and B, Hip Hop, New Orleanian Blues, Jazz, Afro-rhythm, Samba and Classical sounds together for an interesting listening experience. See the song on



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