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Stand up pouch packaging supplier today

Excellent stand up pouch packaging supplier today? Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch is covered with brown kraft paper made of fully natural pure unbleached long fiber pulp. All our pouches are Food Grade, BPA free laminate, comply with Eu No 10/2011 regulation amendment 2018/831. Extra transparent plastic layers designed to have medium barrier for oxygen and water vapor. Bottom gusset of the stand-up pouches will open easily to ensure stable standing even for the light products. Discover extra info on eco friendly pouches. Paper With Barrier ? Yes, This is what makes this pouch very very special. Regular papers breath. It may be good for short shelf life but not long term storage. Special milling technique gives shelf life up to 6 months depending on the products. Heat Sealable: This is another important property of this product because most of the paper pouches are made with gluing and also tape is used to close it. We don’t use any glue to form the pouch and you can use simple heat sealers to seal.

Compostable Pouches or bio-degradable Stand-Up Pouches: Compostable Pouches are the pouches that has to become a compost, degrades and become edible by insects or used in soil. The idea of pouch getting composted into soil and we don’t have to do about it makes us feel very good but it is not the whole truth. Compostable pouches only compost in some certain temperature and humidity if not they remain as they are. If we are worried about marine litter it is very likely that a fish may eat it like a plastic get sick with it, later we eat them and we also get sick too.

Many objective studies show in details why use of plastic is better. Plastic is valuable material. We should not give up on it after single use. The second life of the flexible pouch is not good for food contact but there are many other areas where flexible packaging is used in non-food applications. A problem we see with plastic packages are marine litter. First of all plastics is not the only polluter of the oceans. We see the plastics more because it floats whereas the other materials sink.

Eco-Friendly is a general framework. There are different packaging solutions that fit into eco-friendly packaging. Recyclable Packaging, bio- based packaging and compostable packaging are the most popular eco-friendly solutions. In fact any one call their packaging eco-friendly and they will find a reason to justify. We have been analyzing the real solutions for more than 2 years and we see that there is not one single solution to be named the best one. Let’s understand what they mean first and we’ll start comparing recyclable pouches vs bio-based pouches vs compostable pouches. See extra information on https://pouchbag.com/.



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