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Quality firearms information from Ballachy? We’ll help you find new firearms and ways to improve your existing collection. It doesn’t have be stereo instructions! We’re here for accuracy, entertainment – even when things get subjective (hint: that means we can talk favorite gun brands). Our recommendations come from reporting by seasoned journalists who test out the latest products in their field; interviewing former military & law enforcement personnel with vast experience using these weapons; all topped off. Discover extra details on Ballachy Official.

Budget pistols can get a bad rap for fit, finish, and ergonomics, but those are areas that the STR9-F did well in. Although the workmanship and aesthetics of the pistol averaged fair to good among the test team, we found the handling and ergonomics to be good to very good. The Stoeger STR9-F is built with some similarities to both Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols. It’s simple, but with a comfortable grip and good stippling texture. Some shooters found of the shape and contour of the grip to be easy to handle—and even preferable to some other stock grips. The Frame of the STR9-F features a 3-slot accessory rail, and the rounded slide has aggressive front and rear cocking serrations. Simple white 3-dot sights top it off.

When the Sig p365 first came out, it was a game-changer and I had to get my hands on it. They squeezed a double stack’s capacity into a single-sized gun. The P365 is small and light, so it’s easy to carry and comfortable for most shooters of all sizes. The P365 is a purpose-built concealed carry gun that comes in capacities of 10, 12, and even a 15-round extended magazine. I personally love the combination of the size and feel of the gun. If you are interested in other versions of the p365, they also have the p365 xl which has a larger capacity, and the Sig p365 SAS which has been slimmed and smoothed so as to not snag. The P365 is a great gun but is still a subcompact pistol, so it can be challenging to shoot compared to the more massive firearms on this list. With proper self-defense ammunition, the weapon can be a little snappy, so practice makes perfect.

Some shooters might be put off by the P210’s single-stack magazine that only holds eight rounds, but that didn’t bother us in the least. The pistol’s accuracy, speed on target, and overall shootability won us over. If you want an in-depth look at the evolution of the P210 and the P210 Carry, check out Sean Murphy’s Sig Sauer P210 review. One drawback that does limit the P210’s versatility is that it is configured for right-handed shooters. There’s no way to reverse any of the controls and manipulating them as a lefty is a chore. Despite this, the P210 rose to the top of the heap in the mid-sized pistol category earning an Editor’s Choice award. Combining elegance, utility and a good price it is a defensive carry gun with heirloom appeal.

Sometimes, pistols get included on lists like this because they represent the newest technology and the latest materials. Sometimes, they new renditions of nearly-100-year-old designs made of wood and steel that are proven and easy to shoot. This is the latter. The SA-35 is a Browning Hi-Power clone introduced last year and built with improved materials and on better machines. It’s a solid steel, full sized pistol that still manages to fit easily into every hand and is heavy enough to dampen recoil but not so heavy as to induce fatigue. It is a legendarily balanced pistol. The SA-35 lacks some of the more modern features that many shooters want, such as an equipment rail and an optic cut, but it does have great sights and a light, crisp trigger. The SA-35 might not be the gun I reach for when the commies start parachuting in like Red Dawn, but it is the one I reach for when I want a new shooter to have fun and enjoy shooting. Read even more information on



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